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Professional Will Writing & Estate Planning

Most people I speak to say that they have put off writing a Will. Many felt that they would get round to doing it ‘one day’; some tell me that they thought it would be ‘too difficult’ or ‘too emotional’; some simply thought it was too costly. Making a Will is one of the most important things that you will ever do. Take a few moments to read why this should be top of your priorities: No Will? •Your spouse may not inherit all of your assets; •If you are not married, your partner may not receive anything at all and furthermore, the government will make one for you and bequeath to themselves up to £120,000 that you otherwise could have legally avoided; •If you are divorced or separated, your ex-partner can successfully lay claim to your estate despite your undocumented wishes to the contrary; •If you die and your partner re-marries, your children could lose all their inheritance. Then you have no provision for: •The possibility of you or your partner needing long term care. With no Will, the government will do that for you by applying a 100% ‘tax’ on all your assets including your home over and above the first £21,500; •Your young children if you AND your partner die. They will be retained within the system for months and even years at Her Majesty’s pleasure despite the fact you have willing and capable friends and relatives to look after them; •If you were to become mentally incapacitated, temporarily or permanently. With no Will, the government will manage your affairs for you, even if you have a partner perfectly capable of doing so. Got a Will? •No matter how many copies of your Will can be found after your death, if the original is not retrieved you will have been deemed to die without making one; •If you have made a Will but not had your estate planned fully and properly and one of your beneficiaries is physically or mentally impaired and in care, you may have inadvertently bequeathed almost all his inheritance to the government; •Has your family grown since you wrote it? Without regularly reviewing your Will you risk leaving out someone very important.

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